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Open Educational Resources

These are training of trainers modules on the following topics

  • Open source software and services for the digital empowerment of citizens
  • Open source platforms for education
  • Telecollaboration and virtual exchanges
  • Distance and blended learning
  • Creativity, multilingualism and (tele)collaboration
  • Research pedagogy

The modules are available in English and will be translated into German, Spanish, French, Italian and Romanian.

These are other documents such as reports, state of the art and bibliographies on the themes of the project.


Documents in French or in multilingual version :

  • State of the art of digital citizenship training :
Professionalize teachers by using digital technologies to support autonomy and citizenship.
  • Volume 49, number 2, fall 2021, of the journal"Scientifique Education et Francophonie", La complexité de l'éducation à la citoyenneté numérique : des enjeux sociétaux, éducatifs et politiques, coordinated by Martine Pellerin, Faculté Saint-Jean, University of Alberta (Alberta, Canada), Marianne Jacquet, Faculté Saint-Jean, University of Alberta (Alberta, Canada), Sonia Lefebvre, Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières (Québec, Canada)